Electrochemistry SuiteTEM Tomography

Hummingbird Scientific’s TEM Tomography holder is an important characterization tool in the electrochemistry suite that allows users to perform pre or post-mortem analyses of battery materials in great details. Because the system permits high tilt angles, the sample itself is the only contributor to the missing wedge. A range of removable tips are available for the system and can be customized for specific specimen support geometries. Specifically, any cycled samples on chips from the in-situ liquid/gas cell holders can be easily transferred and placed in the dedicated tomography tip for analyses.

Image on the left shows the porosity of silicon structure evaluated for battery materials using TEM tomography.

Reference: M. Ge, Y. Lu, P. Ercius, J. Rong, X. Fang, M. Mecklenburg, and C. Zhou “Large-Scale Fabrication, 3D Tomography, and Lithium-Ion Battery Application of Porous Silicon” Nano Letters 14 (2014) pp. 261–268.  Abstract

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