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Hummingbird Scientific’s internship program gives talented college students, recent graduates and high school students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their (prospective) field. Interns selected for the program become a part of the vibrant Hummingbird Scientific community, developing early-career work experience in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, or materials science.

“Hummingbird provided a diverse and stimulating venue to launch my career as a new scientist. I was fortunate to broaden my skill set and develop scientific perspectives that are atypical in a chemist’s repertoire, including 3D-CAD, LabVIEW interfacing, and microfabrication”

- Eli, went on to get a Ph.D in Chemistry

“I was fresh out of chemistry undergrad when I joined, so this was my very first exposure to engineering… I always felt able to contribute my personal strengths and creativity… especially amidst the friendly work environment… I learned a ton about engineering, machining, TEM, and the inner workings of a company.”

- Jennie, went on to get a Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering

"I’ve been often asked how I learned to solder so cleanly, or where I learned CAD, or why I’m able to program so well, and my answer is always ‘Hummingbird.’”

- Al, went on to get a Ph.D in Chemistry


Post-graduate internships are our most successful and productive program. Typically, interns have just received an undergraduate degree and want to spend the year after graduation gaining practical experience in a scientific field. You do not have to be an engineer or even want to be one—many of our most successful interns have had backgrounds in chemistry.  But a general interest in engineering or science is important.
Our interns have gone pursued any number of paths after leaving Hummingbird scientific.  In particular, internships are a great stepping stone on the way to graduate school. Assuming you do a great job, we are happy to provide you with a strong recommendation as you move on to the next step in your educational or professional pursuits.
Opportunities typically start in the summer and last up to a year.


Summer internships are the perfect opportunity for you to explore career options, gain valuable job experience, and/or fulfill college requirements. Generally, we assign each intern a mentor and one or more specific projects. Hiring takes place in the spring.  Internship dates can be tailored to fit your university's schedule.


Co-op internship positions are done in coordination with your college and university for program credit. Your projects and scope are determined in consultation with you and your academic advisor. Positions are available year round; but we particularly encourage candidates to apply for the fall and winter.


From time to time, we take on high school students interested in work experience relating to engineering, machining, or natural science. These positions typically involve parts cleaning, organization, and general support other staff members. Although the work is basic, it provides insight into how an engineering company works and what engineers, machinists and scientists do.