Cryo Biasing

Exploring Quantum and Advanced Energy Materials at the Atomic Scale

Technical Specs

1950 Series
Sample Temperature Range < -170°C to > 1000°C
Temperature Control Yes
Dewar Lifetime to Refill 4 hours*
Number of Electrical Contacts 9*
Contact Type
Direct Chip Contact
Settled Resolution at Minimum Temperature
Up to TEM resolution
EELS / EDS Compatible Yes
TEM Compatibility TFS/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi

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Featured Research

Real-time transport properties of materials observed at cryogenic temperature

There has been a significant scientific interest in studying material transport behavior at cryogenic temperature in real-time. Hummingbird Scientific’s Cryo Biasing TEM holder allows researchers to concurrently cool their sample to liquid nitrogen (LN2) temperatures and apply electrical stimuli. This new capability shows promise in the study of quantum materials with high Curie temperatures (Tc) and degradation behavior of batteries at extreme environmental conditions.

Image Right: Top: In-situ TEM temperature cool down and stability (~4 hour Dewar life) along with high-resolution imaging (Au particle) at -167°C in the Cryo-Biasing TEM holder in a JEOL 2100 200 kV LaB6 TEM. Bottom (Courtesy of UCSD/Battery500 Consortium): Electrical biasing nanowire in which nanowire sits between the ridge of a FIB-biasing chip at low temperatures in the Cryo-Biasing holder. A constant current experiment on the nanowire in the Cryo-Biasing holder showing voltage drop as the reaction proceeds.


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Selected Publications

Khim Karki, Daan Hein Alsem and Norman Salmon. “Cryo-Electrical Microscopy Platform for Battery and Quantum Energy Applications .” Materials Research Society Meeting (2021) Abstract


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