Cryo Biasing

Leading the way in in-situ TEM of quantum materials

Technical Specs

1950 Series
Sample Temperature Range RT to < -170° C
Temperature Control Yes
Dewar Lifetime to Refill 4 hours*
Number of Electrical Contacts 9*
Contact Type
Direct Chip Contact
Settled Resolution at Minimum Temperature
Up to TEM resolution
EELS / EDS Compatible Yes
TEM Compatibility TFS/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi

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Featured Research

Real-time transport properties of materials observed at cryogenic temperature

There has been a significant scientific interest in studying transport behavior of material at cryogenic temperature in real-time. Hummingbird Scientific’s cryo-electrical biasing holder enables researchers to perform in-situ TEM experiments in which they concurrently cool their sample to liquid nitrogen (LN2) temperatures  and apply electrical stimuli in real-time. This new capability shows promise in the study of quantum materials with high Curie temperatures (Tc) and degradation behavior of batteries at extreme environment conditions.

Image Right:  Top: In-situ TEM temperature cool down and stability (~4 hour Dewar life) along with high resolution imaging (Au particle) at -167°C in the Cryo-Biasing TEM holder in a JEOL 2100 200 kV LaB6 TEM . Bottom (Courtesy of UCSD/Battery500 Consortium): Electrical biasing nanowire in which nanowire sits between the ridge of a FIB-biasing chip at low temperatures in the Cryo-Biasing holder. A constant current experiment on the nanowire  in the Cryo-Biasing holder showing voltage drop as the reaction proceeds.


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