Bulk Liquid Electrochemistry

Generation V: Introducing the world's first bulk liquid-electrochemistry TEM holder

Technical Specs

1490 series
Total Electrodes 6
True Reference Electrode Yes-  drift rate less than 0.1 mV/min
True Counter Electrode Yes
Counter Electrode  Material User’s choice of material
Electrolytes Aqueous, Wide range of organics*
Spacer range 100nm to 2 um*
Heating Capability Yes
EELS/ EDS Compatible Yes
TEM Compatibility TFS/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi

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Featured Research

Replicating bulk electrochemistry experiments in-situ in the TEM

Hummingbird Scientific’s newest Generation V Bulk in-situ liquid-electrochemistry holder allows researchers for the first time to fully replicate bulk-level electrochemical details inside the transmission electron microscope. A newly developed hardware system allows quantitative measurements of electrochemical processes with details showing the complete cycle of the bulk.

As  an illustration, a cyclic voltammetry (CV) study of a model compound CuSO4  solution showing plating and stripping of copper from the active electrode has been presented here. The copper plating and stripping occurs at the  working electrode, replicating actual bulk behavior.

The new Hummingbird Scientific’s liquid-cell hardware and cells allows, for the first time, for replication of bulk-level data in TEM.

Video  Right: In-situ liquid cell TEM copper plating and stripping from CuSO4  solution. Inset shows corresponding CV curve representing the video.

HBS internal data obtained in collaboration with Rui Filipe Serra Maia and Eric Stach at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Video Spotlight

Electrochemical deposition of a conducting polymer on a gold electrode

Video on the left shows the methodological and controlled deposition of polyaniline – a conducting polymer – from solution into a gold electrode. The deposition starts at the interface between the working electrode and electrolyte solution. The electrode surface is heavily modified as the polymer deposits. This observation helps understanding the rate determining processes of nucleation and growth, which has an important application in corrosion protection of materials.

Hummingbird Scientific internal data.

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Customization & Service

Selected Publications

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