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In-situ oxidation reaction of high-entropy alloys for catalytic applications
Catalysts play important role in facilitating reaction in many industrial applications. A research t...Read More
Operando X-ray spectroscopy elucidating battery particle phase transformation
A team of researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley...Read More
In-situ liquid cell TEM demonstrates controlled etching of nano-crystalline surface
Wet chemical etching is used in controlling the surface of the nanostructures. The technique is rout...Read More
In-situ TEM probing of lithium interface for solid-state batteries
Using our in situ TEM nanomanipulation biasing holder, researchers at Toyota Research Institute of N...Read More
Mineralogical transformation of ferrihydrite in liquid cell TEM
Researchers at the Chinese Academic of Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University o...Read More
Dynamics of particle assembly demonstrated during TEM liquid mixing
Researchers at  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used Hummingbird TEM liquid cell mixing holde...Read More
Accurate and consistent way to grow catalyst
Researchers at Fritz-Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society have devised a most advanced to date ...Read More
Hummingbird Scientific at the virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting 2020
Join us at the virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting 2020 Visit Hummingbird Scientific in our virtual...Read More
Real-time etching of silica in liquid cell
Using Hummingbird Scientific's liquid cell TEM holder, researchers from Utrecht University in the N...Read More
Hummingbird Scientific at the forefront of liquid cell microscopy
Liquid cell microscopy has transformed how we study the dynamical behavior of materials in any liqui...Read More
In-situ TEM heating in atmospheric pressure gas shows the potential of dilute metal alloy catalysts
Researchers at Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Stony Brook University, and Brookhave...Read More
Liquid cell TEM observation of enhanced activity in perovskite catalyst
Vasiliki Tileli’s group at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)  has used Hummingb...Read More