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2024 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit
Join Hummingbird Scientific at MRS Spring 2024 Hummingbird Scientific offers a world-leading prod...Read More
Incorporation of Fe into NiO nanocubes tracked during electrochemical cycling
How can Fe incorporation into catalysts help increase catalytic activity? Fengli Yang, See Wee Ch...Read More
Nanosheet composite barrier materials synthesized by entropic programming
How can targeted growth conditions improve performance of nanosheet barrier materials? Emma Vargo...Read More
Ball-in-ball composite nanospheres show favorable sodiation evolution
How can uniquely structured nanoparticles improve performance of silicon-based sodium-ion battery an...Read More
Ag nanocrystal temperature-dependent growth rate and morphology
How does temperature influence the nanoscale growth of Ag particles? Serin Lee, Frances Ross, and...Read More
Reverse coarsening during redox cycling boosts H2-D2 exchange activity
How can redox cycling improve the activity of catalysts? Alexandre Foucher, Eric Stach, and their...Read More
New crystal growth modes for nanoparticles tunable by shape/solution
Curious about how different nanoparticle shapes aggregate into larger crystals? Binbin Luo, Qian ...Read More
Geometric effects and dislocation nucleation linked to Pt nanoparticle weakening
How can size weakening mechanisms in nanoparticles be separated from each other? Ruikang Ding, Te...Read More
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering intensity modulated electrochemically
How can uniquely structured nanoparticles be used to modulate surface-enhanced Raman scattering sign...Read More
Considerations and guidelines for in-situ bulk liquid-electrochemical TEM
What electrochemical or catalytic process would you be excited to see probed in situ with liquid-pha...Read More
Morphological/chemical restructuring of catalyst particles in high temperature gases
How do AuPd nanoparticles respond to high-temperature gas environments? Alexandre Foucher, Eric S...Read More
Enhanced strength, reduced softening thanks to solute grain boundary partitioning
How can a flexible TEM biasing holder enable in-situ thermomechanical loading? Thomas Koenig, Gre...Read More