Controlled Application of Magnetic Fields

Technical Specs

1700 Series
Tilt Range Up to ±45° depending on objective pole
Sample Size
In-plane applied magnetic flux density
Up to 900 Gauss, depending on microscope and pole piece
Electron imaging
From -300 Oe to +300 Oe applied field depending on microscope and pole piece
Beam Deflection
Integrated passive magnetic compensation
TEM Compatibility TFS/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi

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Featured Research

Real-space observation of magnetic excitation in quasicrystal lattices

Magnetic reversal mechanism of quasicrystal artificial spin ice were studied with in-situ TEM magnetizing experiments. Using this technique, a team from Argonne National Lab found a new dendritic magnetic reversal mechanism in the quasicrystal spin ice lattitces. “As fabricated” and “Demagnetized” schematics show examples of the groups of magnetic bars whose magnetization reversed at each of the two field values.

Reference: A. K. Petford-Long et al. Nanoparticle Interactions Guided by Shape‐Dependent Hydrophobic Forces. Scientific Reports (2016). Abstract

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Magnetic induction maps for quasicrystal lattice in the as-fabricated and demagnetized states. The color wheel shows the magnetization direction. Image copyright ©2016 Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature.

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Selected Publications

V. Brajuskovic, F. Barrows, C. Phatak & A. K. Petford-Long. “Real-space observation of magnetic excitations and avalanche behavior in artificial quasicrystal lattices,” Scientific Reports (2016) Abstract
A. Budruk, C. Phatak, A.K. Petford-Long, M. De Graef. “In-situ Lorentz TEM magnetization studies on a Fe-Pd-Co martensitic alloy,” Acta Materialia (2011) Abstract
A. Budruk, C. Phatak, A.K. Petford-Long, M. De Graef, “In-situ Lorentz magnetization study of a Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloy,” Acta Materialia (2011) Abstract
M. De Graef. “Recent Progress in Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy,”  8th European Symposium on Martensic Transformations (2009), Keynote Lecture Abstract


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