Electrochemistry SuiteLiquid-electrochemistry

Hummingbird Scientific’s in-situ liquid holder allows researchers to image systems with volatile electrolytes enclosed in a cell in TEM. The flexibility of using any standard liquid electrolytes allows for the opportunity to mimic true electrochemistry in TEM. However, there are challenges associated with optimizing hardware suitable for small volume and limited diffusion cell geometries of liquid cell system. Our newest Generation V liquid cell system has the capability to observe and measure full-cycle bulk-level electroanalytical data in-situ in the TEM.

The image on the top left shows an example of cyclic voltammetry curve obtained during the copper deposition/stripping cycle in liquid cell TEM. This curve obtained in the liquid TEM cell mimics the bulk data from the large volumetric cell exactly and therefore can be used as a representative characterization tool of the relevant chemistries.

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