Air-free Transfer

Vacuum/inert gas sample transfer to the TEM, 9 Contact Biasing

Technical Specs

 1580 Series Biasing Transfer 3 mm Sample Transfer
High Vacuum Transfer
Yes Yes
Inert Gas Transfer
Yes Yes
Number of Electrical Contacts 9* 0
Contact Type Direct Chip Contact N/A
Settled Resolution Up to TEM Resolution Up to TEM Resolution
High Temperature On-Chip Sample Heating Optional No
EELS/EDS Compatible Yes Yes

* Call for Custom Configurations


Featured Research

Vacuum/inert gas transfer, 9 contact biasing and high resolution imaging

To perform a successful transfer of an air-sensitive sample from a preparation chamber to the TEM it is important to consider the best environment to keep the sample free of damage. Some air-sensitive samples transfer best under high vacuum environments, whereas others are best transferred in inert gas conditions. Hummingbird Scientific’s Air Free TEM Transfer Holders are design such that they can hold both a positive pressure over atmosphere for an inert gas transfer (Figure Top Left) as well as can hold high vacuum during a high vacuum transfer (Figure Bottom Left).

The holder combined air-free transfer with high-stability imaging (Figure Top Right – taken with JEOL 2100 200 kV LaB6 TEM) and 9 contact electrical biasing contacts on the chip (Example in-situ TEM data shown in Figure Bottom Right) and 3 mm grid version of the holder, this makes the holder excellently suitable for applications like in-situ or standard TEM of air-sensitive solid-state energy storage device materials.



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