Electrical BiasingOverview

Hummingbird Scientific Electrical Biasing Holder in TEM Lab

Hummingbird Electrical Biasing Holder

Hummingbird Scientific’s in-situ electrical biasing holder allows researchers to investigate the electrical response of materials inside the transmission electron microscope.  The standard biasing holder has a removable chip carrier that accommodates a wide range of sample geometries. This allows for convenient sample preparation outside the holder and is compatible with all of Hummingbird Scientific’s membrane substrates. Low-noise wiring ensures accurate measurements. Now also with custom data/image integration options.

Sample Applications:

  • Correlating the electrical properties and microstructure of nanoscale materials
  • Studying the relationships between material defect populations and electrical response
  • Electromigration studies
  • Operating microelectomechanical systems (MEMS) based mechanical testing devices
  • In-situ testing of solid-state energy devices