Air-free TransferHow It Works

Hummingbird Scientific offers air-free transfer of samples using two TEM platforms with distinct sample geometries:

  • MEMS Chip with Biasing Contacts
  • Standard 3mm TEM Grid

Both these  Air-Free Transfer TEM holders protect your TEM sample from exposure to air between the preparation chamber and the TEM.

Based on the type of the transfer holder (MEMs chip vs. TEM grid), the sample is loaded onto the MEMS biasing chip or the TEM grid of the holder tip inside the preparation chamber (e.g. a glove box) for the transfer. After loading the sample, the tip is retracted into the body of the holder and hermetically sealed in either an inert gas environment or high vacuum. Once inside the TEM, the sample tip is opened to allow TEM imaging and in-situ TEM experiments.