Air-free TransferVacuum/Inert Gas Transfer, Electrical Biasing & Imaging

To perform a successful transfer of an air-sensitive sample from a preparation chamber to the TEM, it is important to consider the best environment to keep the sample free of damage. Some air-sensitive samples transfer best under high vacuum environments, whereas others are best transferred in inert gas conditions.

Hummingbird Scientific’s Air Free TEM Transfer Holders are designed to hold both a positive pressure over the atmosphere for an inert gas transfer (Figure Top Left) or hold a high vacuum during a transfer (Figure Bottom Left).

The holder combines air-free transfer with highly stable imaging capabilities (Figure Top Right – taken with JEOL 2100 200 kV LaB6 TEM).

The holder’s biasing version has up to 9 electrical biasing contacts for on-chip electrical biasing and heating (for example: in-situ TEM data showing current-voltage measurements as a function on time in Figure Bottom Right). The holder’s 3 mm grid version of the holder similarly allows TEM characterization of air-sensitive samples.

Both the transfer holder models are excellent tools for in-situ or standard TEM of air-sensitive solid-state energy storage device materials.