Nano-ManipulatorSelected Publications

Zeyang Zhang, Jean E. Calderon, Saisaban Fahad, Licheng Ju, Dennis-Xavier Antony, Yang Yang, Akihiro Kushima, and Lei Zhai. “Polymer-Derived Ceramic Nanoparticle/Edge-Functionalized Graphene Oxide Composites for Lithium-Ion Storage,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2021) Abstract
Jung Ho Yoon, Jiaming Zhang, Peng Lin, Navnidhi Upadhyay, Peng Yan, Yuzi Liu, Qiangfei Xia, J. Joshua Yang, A Low‐Current and Analog Memristor with Ru as Mobile Species,” Advanced Materials (2020) Abstract
Nikhilendra Singh, James P. Horwath, Patrick Bonnick, Koji Suto, Eric A. Stach, Tomoya Matsunaga, John Muldoon, and Timothy S. Arthur. Role of Lithium Iodide Addition to Lithium Thiophosphate: Implications beyond Conductivity. Chemistry of Materials (2020) Abstract
Nikhilendra Singh, James Horwath, Timothy Arthur, Daan Hein Alsem, Eric Stach. “Using Operando Electrochemical TEM as Part of a Correlative Approach to Characterize Failure Modes in Solid-State Energy Storage Devices.” Microscopy & Microanalysis (2020) Abstract
Eric Stach, James Horwath, Nikhilendra Singh, Timothy Arthur, Daan Hein Alsem, Norman Salmon. “Understanding the Relationship Between Air Exposure, Electron Dose and Beam Damage in Solid Electrolyte Materials.” Microscopy & Microanalysis (2020) Abstract
Nikhilendra Singh, James Horwath, Alexandre Foucher, Timothy S. Arthur, Julio A. Rodriguez Manzo, Daan Hein Alsem, and Eric Stach. “Operando Electrichemical TEM of Solid-State Energy Storage Materials Using a Probe-Based Biasing Holder.” Microscopy & Microanalysis (2019) Abstract
Julio A. Rodriguez Manzo, Daan Hein Alsem, Norman J. Salmon and David Cooper. “Good Contacts for Quantitative In-Situ TEM Biasing Experiments with Movable Probes.” Microscopy & Microanalysis (2018) Abstract
Fei-Hu Du, Yizhou Ni, Ye Wang, Dong Wang, Qi Ge, Shuo Chen, and Hui Ying Yang. “Green Fabrication of Silkworm Cocoon-like Silicon-Based Composite for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries,” ACS Nano (2017) Abstract
Z. Yanga, J. Suna, Y. Nia, Z. Zhaob, J. Baob, S. Chen. “Facile synthesis and in situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of a highly stable Sb2Te3/C nanocomposite for sodium-ion batteries,” Energy Storage Materials (2017) Abstract
C.M. Wang, W. Xu, J. Liu, D.W. Choi, B. Arey, L.V. Saraf, J.G. Zhang, Z.G. Zhang, S. Thevuthasan, D.R. Baer, and N. Salmon. ”In-situ transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy studies of interfaces in Li ion batteries: Challenges and Opportunities,” Journal of Materials Research (2010) Abstract
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