Hummingbird Scientific’s in-situ Biasing Manipulator is the only reliable TEM holder in the market with proven capability to perform in-situ sample manipulation and site-specific electrical biasing. The holder provides accurate uncoupled movements along the X, Y, and Z axes of motion, allowing for easy point-contact with the sample and high-resolution TEM imaging. The holder is easy to use, requires little maintenance, and is available for all major TEM manufacturers (JEOL, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Hitachi)

Key Features:

  • Mobile probe for electrical contacts
  • Probe’s uncoupled coarse and fine movements along X, Y, and Z axes
  • Easy probe exchange
  • Removable sample cartridge
  • Intuitive graphical user interface

Sample Applications:

  • Battery Materials
  • Nano-Electronic Devices
  • Solar Cell
  • Semiconductors