Optical Bulk Liquid ElectrochemistryRelated Products

Bulk Liquid Electrochemistry TEM Holder See More

Bulk liquid electrochemistry TEM holder uses real reference and counter electrodes to accurately perform quantitative electroanalytical measurements in TEM  in-situ in any liquid medium.

 Synchritron_Side_Render v3
X-Ray/Synchrotron Liquid Holder See More

Hummingbird’s synchrotron holder is a complete in-situ x-ray lab system, enabling high-resolution material characterization in liquids. The system offers single-inlet, heating, electrochemical, spectroscopy, and cross-correlative features.

Gas Flow TEM Holder See More

Using the gas flow holder, researchers can characterize material behavior in gas environments at elevated temperatures and observe gas-solid interactions at high resolution. The holder is available with either a single or multi-channel gas delivery system.