Optical Bulk Liquid ElectrochemistryHow It Works

The Optical Bulk Liquid Electrochemistry specimen holder is the first and only in-situ liquid cell solution for TEM with capabilities allowing true reference and counter electrodes full-scale electroanalytical measurements using light. The electrodes’ stability with little or no interference with the working electrodes allows superior performance and accuracy in the electroanalytical measurements as in our bulk liquid electrochemistry holder. The sample is illuminated with an optical fiber that illuminates the viewing area of the liquid-electrochemical cell.  This allows for in-situ illumination of the sample in the TEM. The holder can be customized for different experiments as the fiber is configurable.

The Optical Bulk Liquid Electrochemistry TEM holder replicates data representing bulk-scale electrochemistry with distinct electrochemical curves and without pseudo shifts (artifacts) in the acquired peaks over multiple cycles.