Multichannel Gas FlowOverview

Our in-situ TEM gas cell specimen holder allows researchers to study material behavior in gases and at elevated temperatures (>1000°C), obtaining atomic resolution images of gas-solid interactions at real-world reaction temperatures and pressures. Gases or vapors are introduced to the microfabricated environmental cell via the gas delivery system. The multi-channel gas delivery system has a single small-footprint box that encompasses all the components in one chassis. Cell pressure is fully user-controlled and can be adjusted from high vacuum to above atmospheric pressure. Local specimen heating  is provided via an integrated MEMS heater with a temperature sensor calibrated for accurate readings. To ensure clean gas delivery, the entire holder can be baked at up to 160°C. Now also with custom data/image integration options.

Sample research applications for which realistic reaction conditions can be created in the gas environmental cell are:

  • Gas catalysis
  • Fuel-cell research
  • Growth of nano-structures
  • Thin film deposition