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Atomic dynamics of Ag/AgCl nanocatalyst

Atomistic interaction of gas-solid phase is important to understand the working mechanism of various catalyst materials. This is specifically the case for heterostructures with different structures. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory used Hummingbird Scientific’s Gas TEM system and observed atomic interaction of Ag/AgCl heterostructures during redox processes. In these experiments, Ag/AgCl nanocatalysts were first reduced to Ag, and then Ag was oxidized to different phases of silver oxide under different O2 partial pressures. Ag2O formed at low O2 partial pressure, whereas AgO formed at atmospheric pressure.

Reference: Yuzi Liu et al. Visualizing Redox Dynamics of a Single Ag/ AgCl Heterogeneous Nanocatalyst at Atomic Resolution. ACS Nano (2016). Abstract

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