Multichannel Gas FlowGas Delivery

Hummingbird Scientific’s gas-flow TEM holder comes with either a single-channel or multi-channel delivery systems.

Single-channel gas delivery system

Hummingbird’s single-channel atmospheric gas delivery system delivers a single pressure-controlled experimental gas to the sample holder.  This system, which comes with a built-in purging line for safe cleaning, operates at or just above atmospheric pressure inside the gas cell. The gas-control software allows users to operate in a pressure-controlled, closed-loop feedback mode, and it gives the user full electronic control of the system. The software is also capable of logging gas delivery parameters.

Multi-channel gas delivery system

Hummingbird Scientific’s multi-channel option is a fully configurable and scalable  gas-delivery system designed to deliver multiple pressure-controlled gases to an environmental cell. It features up to eight gas channels that can be run independently or simultaneously in user-defined ratios. Like the single-channel delivery system, the multi-channel system has a built-in purging line for safe cleaning of the gas-flow path. It operates at a full range of sample pressures, from high vacuum (≾10^-7 Torr) to above atmospheric pressure.  In addition to the mixing capability, the system includes gas-control software & a built-in gas analyzer for post reaction analysis. The multi-channel gas delivery system has a single small-footprint box that encompasses all the components in one chassis.

When used in combination with Hummingbird Scientific’s optional heating system and heating chips, the system also supports real-time observation of catalysis reactions in the TEM.