TomographyHow it Works

The removable tip allows for correlative imaging between the TEM and the atom probe because the same tip and sample can be loaded into both microscopes. The removable sample tips can also be directly loaded into FIB/SEM for easy sample preparation.

Single Point Tip

The single point tip is a dedicated sample holder for needle samples. These nanometer scale needles are typically FIB cut from material directly deposited onto the removable tip. The single-point tip ensures that researchers full view of needle samples following alpha tilt up to any stage tilting limit. Tips are sold in packs of 10.

1mm Grid Tip

The 1mm sample tip clamps a custom 1mm sample geometry for high-tilt tomography applications in narrow, gap-objective lens microscopes. Tips are sold in packs of 10.

3mm Full Grid Tip

The 3mm full grid tip clamps a standard 3mm TEM sample with minimal shadowing at high alpha-tilt angles. Tips are sold in packs of 10.

3mm Half Grid Tip

Because this tip was specifically designed for holding TEM half-grids, the sample clamp does not provide any shadowing of the sample, which ensures high quality tomography data. Half grids can be used for standard FIB lift-out samples as well as multiple-needle samples. Tips are sold in packs of 10.