SEM LiquidOverview

Hummingbird Scientific SEM Stages for FEI and JEOL Scanning Electron Microscopes

Hummingbird Scientific’s SEM liquid cell system allows for real time imaging of solid-liquid interfaces in scanning electron microscopes. The system mount uses the same removable tip design as our liquid TEM holders, allowing for cross-correlative experiments across both electron microscope platforms. The two-chip liquid cell allows users to quickly and easily prepare and exchange samples while remaining confident in the cell’s seal.

Unlike environmental SEMs (ESEM) or SEMs with low-vacuum mode, Hummingbird’s liquid SEM holder keeps your specimen completely in a liquid environment while the chamber is pumped down to high vacuum. Hummingbird’s liquid SEM system also gives researchers precise control of fluid flow over the specimen surface. Besides SEM and TEM, it can also be used for correlative studies in X-ray and optical microscopy.

Hummingbird Scientific has experience designing systems for numerous SEM manufacturers. Using a modular design approach, customizable holders and chamber port interfaces, and a broad range of chips for electrochemistry and fluid flow experiments, we can customize a system specific to your experimental needs. We put safety first in all our systems by including a seal check station that minimizes the chance of leaks.


  • Imaging biological specimens in liquid environments
  • Liquid-electrochemistry experiments
  • In-situ hydration experiments
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Electrolysis

Figure: Hummingbird Scientific’s SEM liquid holder for JEOL microscopes (left) and FEI microscopes (right, mounted on assembly stand).