X-Ray LiquidOverview

Specially designed for X-ray microscopes and X-ray synchrotron beamline end stations, Hummingbird Scientific’s X-ray microscope liquid cell system enables scientists to collect in-situ images and liquid-electrochemical measurements of samples in liquid environments. The system uses a removable and interchangeable tip design compatible with our liquid TEM holder, allowing for cross-correlative experiments across X-ray and electron microscope platforms (TEM and SEM). The two-chip liquid cell allows users to quickly and easily prepare and exchange samples while remaining confident in the cell’s seal.

Hummingbird Scientific has experience designing systems for synchrotron facilities across the world. Using a modular design approach, customizable holders and port interfaces, and a broad range of chips for electrochemistry and other liquid flow experiments, we can customize a system suited to your specific experimental needs. We put safety first in all out systems by including a seal check station that minimizes the chance of leaks.



  • Imaging biological specimens in liquid environments
  • Liquid-electrochemistry experiments
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Intercalation in battery electrodes
  • Electrolysis

Figure: Hummingbird Scientific’s liquid-electrochemical X-ray microscope system at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory.