Heating BiasingOverview

Hummingbird Scientific’s in-situ TEM MEMS Biasing/Heating Sample Holder allows users to heat and/or electrically bias their sample inside the TEM. Heating can be performed to > 1000°C in closed loop control with an on-chip sensor.

The system features:

  • Direct chip contact insertion mechanism—no fragile probes that make inconsistent contact involved, so easy to use.
  • Standard MEMS chip biasing/heating with 9 contacts
  • Single and double tilt configurations
  • 4-point temperature sensing method
  • Shielded electrical cables for low current measurements
  • Integrated heating and voltage source meter controller
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for system control
  • EDS compatible over the full temperature range

The system is available as a single-tilt and double-tilt version. The double-tilt holder features a high-accuracy (<0.01 degree) beta-tilt mechanism and no tilt-backlash when changing tilt direction, making it the most stable and usable double-tilt holder available.