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Generation V In-Situ Bulk Liquid-Electrochemical Specimen Holder – NOW with concurrent biasing and heating

 NEW concurrent sample heating available for Hummingbird Scientific’s TEM Bulk Liquid Electrochemistry holder (

Researchers from the Frances M. Ross Research Group at MIT carried out a series of crystal growth experiments and simulations to explore reaction mechanisms in electrochemical processes. They used Hummingbird Scientific’s Bulk liquid electrochemistry TEM holder to visualize the growth rates and the morphology of these electrochemical reactions at different temperatures.

Figure 1. Copyright © 2023 American Chemical Society

In this work they developed a kinetic model to predict the temperature-dependent solution composition and discuss how the combined effect of temperature-dependent chemistry, diffusion, and the balance between nucleation and growth rates affect the morphology.

Reference: Serin Lee, Nicholas M. Schneider, Shu Fen Tan, and Frances M. Ross “Temperature Dependent Nanochemistry and Growth Kinetics Using Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy© 2023 American Chemical Society.  Full Paper

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