Metal nanoparticle catalysts preparation for gas-phase reactions at high temperatures.

Using ex-solution methods to prepare highly durable heterogeneous catalysts has recently been receiving more attention. Perovskite materials have been frequently used as host oxides for ex-solution processing, but their small surface areas have limited their practical use.

Researchers at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have demonstrated, using Hummingbird Scientific’s TEM Gas-Heating holder, that ex-solution from a ceria-based nanodomain can be a good way to prepare metal nanoparticle catalysts with a large surface area and excellent durability for gas-phase reactions at high temperatures.

4CeRhO after exposure to 10% H2/Ar gas at 500°C and 760 Torr for 30 minutes.  Copyright © 2021 American Chemical Society

In this work, they ex-solved Rh by reducing Rh-doped ceria solid solution, then used that to prepare nanosized Rh catalysts with a high surface area of 70.7 m2/g. The Rh nanoparticles ex-solved from the ceria nanodomains were directly monitored by in-situ transmission electron microscopy at elevated temperatures in the presence of a gas environment in the cell.

Reference: Minsu Kim, Gihun Kwon, Wan-Gil Jung, Yunji Choi, Bong-Joong Kim, and Hyunjoo Lee “Direct Observation of Rhodium Ex-Solution from a Ceria Nanodomain and Its Use for Hydrogen Production via Propane Steam Reforming” ACS Publications (2021). Full Paper

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