Characterizing high-temperature phase transitions in 2D Layers of PtSe2

High-temperature phase transitions in 2D Layers of PtSe2 – High Stability Heating + Biasing

Eric A. Stach, Deep Jariwala and their team from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania used in situ scanning/transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to investigate high-temperature phase transitions in Two Dimensional Layers of Platinum Diselenide. They were able to perform these experiments readily because of Hummingbird Scientific’s heating chips optimized for mechanical transfer of 2D materials.

They used Hummingbird Scientific’s MEMS Heating + Biasing TEM holder to visualize the phase transitions.

Figure 1. Copyright © 2022 American Chemical Society

The interfacial reactions as well as the Kirkendall effect observed in this work and the activation energy extracted for this formation suggests that the process is mediated by Se vacancies, as evidenced by the large strain variations in the material made via 4D STEM measurements.

Reference: Pawan Kumar, Andrew C. Meng, Kiyoung Jo, Eric A. Stach, and Deep Jariwala “Interfacial Reaction and Diffusion at the One-Dimensional Interface of Two-Dimensional PtSe2 Copyright © 2022 American Chemical Society. Full Paper

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