Electrical BiasingHow It Works

Board Contact (Type I)

This contact configuration features a  reusable removable sample board carrier.  As a result, researchers can prepare the sample directly on the board, which is then placed into the holder tip for a quick connection to an electrical connector with up to 8 contacts. Samples up to 3 x 6mm in size can be mounted on the standard board carrier. Electrical connections between the chip and the carrier are made using ultra-sonic wire bonding, allowing for at flexible connection between the contacts and the chip.

Direct Chip Contact (Type II)

This contact configuration features a single chip that is directly inserted into the holder via a proprietary connector with up to 9 electrical contacts. The sample is prepared directly on the standard sample substrate chip.  Pre-patterned metal leads lead up to the electron transparent membrane onto which the sample is built.

Spring Contact (Type III)

The spring contact configuration is a variation of the Type I connector, but instead of flexible wire-bonded contacts between the sample carrier and chip, it has fixed-location spring contacts. The configuration still allows researchers to prepare the sample directly on the chip courtesy of a detachable carrier.


Since releasing our electrical biasing holder, we have developed numerous specialized carrier types for customers who require unusual sample configurations.  We will be happy to work with you to develop a custom solution suited to you research needs. Please get in touch with us via the contact page.