MEMS Heating + Biasing

High Temperature Electrical Measurements

Technical Specs

Single-Tilt Double-Tilt
Tilt Range Up to ± 45° depending on objective pole Up to ± 20° (alpha and beta) depending on objective pole
Electrical Contacts 9 9
Contact Type Direct Chip Contact Direct Chip Contact
Max Operating Temperature > 1000°C > 1000°C
Settled Resolution at 1000°C Up to TEM resolution Up to TEM resolution
Temperature Stability + 100 hours + 100 hours
Temperature Measurement 4-point resistance sensing 4-point resistance sensing
EELS / EDS Compatible Yes Yes

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Featured Research

Segregation of MoS2 layers at high temperature

Researches at the University of Pennsylvania transformed few-layers of MoS2 with residual polymers from the transfer process into a 2D material with well segregated areas formed of either pure MoS2 or carbon based-composites. The segregation happens at temperature > 1000 °C. Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) confirmed the chemical content of each segregated area. The example shows a dark-field STEM image at a temperature of 1000 °C, together with the EDS map proving the material segregation.

Data provided by Dr. Deep Jariwala and Dr. Eric Stach from the the University of Pennsylvania.


Video Spotlight

Melting silver nano-particles

For in-situ TEM, keeping the same field of view during a material’s transformation—like a phase change—is crucial to record all changes during dynamic events. This example shows a TEM movie of melting of silver nanoparticles (melting point ~ 960°C), from room temperature all the way to sublimation, in a short period of time. Note the minimal drift of the system during this large temperature increase.

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Selected Publications

Khim Karki, Victoriea L. Bird, Daan Hein Alsem, and Melissa K. Santala. “In Situ TEM Observation of Crystallization in Phase-Change Material,” Microscopy & Microanalysis  (2018) Abstract
Victoriea L. Bird, Al J. Rise, Khim Karki, Daan Hein Alsem, Geoffrey H. Campbell, and Melissa K. Santala. “Mapping Crystallization Kinetics of Phase-Change Materials Over Large Temperature Ranges Using Complementary In Situ Microscopy Techniques,” Microscopy & Microanalysis  (2018) Abstract


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