Custom Designed and Built TEM SEM X-Ray Synchrotron Sample Holders Stages and Experimental Platforms


The answer begins with you. It begins with your experiment and your experimental needs. At Hummingbird Scientific, we believe that researchers shouldn’t have to settle for second-rate. So, don’t see what you’re looking for among our standard options?  Our custom department is ready to help.


Just click the Start Building button and let us know what you’re trying to do. Depending on your experimental requirements, we’ll customize one of our standard holders for you or build you a completely new system. Custom-built systems are available for all sorts of microscopes, including SEM, TEM, FIB, and X-Ray.


Once we get your details, our experts will work with you to design and build exactly the tool you need. We will examine the relevant aspects of your experiment and recommend a solution that meets your needs, budget, and time frame. Then, our machine shop and microfabrication division will get to work on building your custom tool to the highest possible specifications.

Your holder, designed for your experiments.



  • Nanomanipulators
  • Tilt-Rotate Holders
  • Magnetizing Holders
  • Laser-TEM Holders
  • Multi-Sample TEM Holders
  • X-Ray Liquid Systems
  • Cryo-TEM Holder
  • Custom tomography sample clamps
  • Custom fixtures

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Skilled craftsmen. Precision Machines.

Following our move to a new, larger facility in 2013, we’ve has continued to expand our capacity and capability. We have tools, staff, and workspaces dedicated to advanced 3-D mechanical design, precision manufacturing, inspection, system assembly, vacuum-component cleaning and testing, multi-layer circuit board design, thermal testing, and specialized software development. We also have a dedicated TEM lab in our facility for developing and testing products and applications.

Hummingbird Scientific Transmission Electron Microscope TEM Lab

Our TEM. Your Experiment.

In 2013, we expanded our capabilities with an electron microscopy facility that has space for two TEMs. We currently have a JEOL 2100 TEM with Direct Electron DE12 camera as well as an AMETEK EDAX EDS system for product development and testing, and we are in the market for a late-model FEI/TFS 200 kV TEM for our second TEM room

With this facility, our engineers and microscopists can provide even more extensive support for your in-situ TEM instrumentation and experiments. The TEM Lab is also open for specialized training events and for visits by customers and collaborators. Keep an eye on our event calendar for upcoming sessions or contact us to request a visit or training session.


Engineering Driven by Science.

Hummingbird Scientific offers custom engineering solutions for electron and ion microscopy applications in nanotechnology, materials science, and biology. Our engineering, manufacturing, and scientific staff handle all aspects of these systems, including:

  • Holder design and engineering
  • Precision machining and fabrication
  • Electronics for actuator control and signal acquisition
  • Software for stand-alone and integrated applications
  • Private-label instruments and precision components for OEMs

We have labs dedicated to each of the different technical disciplines in our main facility in Washington State.