Hummingbird Scientific Electrical Biasing TEM Holder with wirebonded 6-pin chip

Electrical Biasing

Technical Specs

TEM Sample Holder - Electrical Biasing - FEI Model
  1600 Series
Tilt Range ±45° depending on microscope and pole piece
Number of Electrical Contacts 6, 8, or 9 *
Contact Type Flexible wirebond contacts or fixed spring contact
Chip Carrier Mobile Chip Carrier
Carrier Compatibility Standard TEM Sample Supports
Carrier Size Fits up to 3 x 6mm samples
Wiring Standard or low-noise shielded
TEM Compatibility FEI, JEOL, Hitachi, Zeiss

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Featured Research

Void Formation Induced Electrical Switching in Phase-Change Nanowires

Voltage-current curve and accompanying in-situ TEM micrographs of void formation in GeTe single-nanowire devices as part of an induced phase change.

Left: TEM images taken in-situ during the voltage scan at times I, II, III, and IV.

Right: In-situ TEM voltage scan of a single nanowires device. Note the correlation of resistance with void size in the nanowire on the left.

Reference:  S. Meister, D.T. Schoen, M.A. Topinka, A.M. Minor, and Y. Cui. “Void Formation Induced Electrical Switching in Phase-Change Nanowires,” Nano Letters 8 (2008) pp. 4562. Abstract

Image courtesy of Yi Cui (Stanford University) and Andrew Minor (UC Berkeley).

Copyright © 2008, American Chemical Society


Video Spotlight

Using our electrical biasing holder, researchers at Penn State have demonstrated the room temperature dislocation-based plasticity and tremendous flaw tolerance of TiN film, which in bulk form is a brittle material. TiN loading was conducted using a MEMS device containing electro-thermal actuators. The researchers surmise that room-temperature dislocation activities resulted from the nucleation of pre-existing dislocations, which resulted from residual compressive stresses developed during deposition. As a result, the TiN films were tougher than the Ti films in the tested multilayers. The movie shows the dislocation movement at the crack tip following loading at room temperature.

Reference: S. Kumar, D.E. Wolfe, M.A Haque. “Dislocation shielding and flaw tolerance in titanium nitride,” International Journal of Plasticity 27:5 (2011) pp. 739–747 . Abstract

Movie copyright © 2010, Elsevier Ltd.  All rights reserved.

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Selected Publications

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