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Hummingbird Scientific is a leading developer of sample holders for electron and ion microscopy. Founded in 2005, Hummingbird brings together some of the best Scientists, Engineers, and Precision Machinists in the business. Hummingbird is an engineering and manufacturing company first; our core competence is excellence in engineering and precision manufacturing. Science is the business we support by bringing new tools to the field.


Our strength is in helping customers advance their science by translating innovative ideas into user-friendly, groundbreaking tools. Working both alone and in collaboration with our customers, we have created more than a dozen new electron microscopy experimental platforms.


We believe in leading. We believe in taking risks. We believe in putting the science first.

Powered By Excellence - The Hummingbird Team

Powered By Excellence

At Hummingbird, we seek excellence in all things. Most importantly in the people that help us achieve it. We believe that innovative, responsible people thrive on freedom, and are worthy of it. We value technical skills, curiosity, and dedication, and we work continually to build a culture of caring that extends beyond the doors of our company.


Our Founders

Norman_Salmons 600x450

Norman Salmon


Norman Salmon co-founded Hummingbird Scientific along with Eric Stach. Mr. Salmon has led the company’s growth since opening its doors in 2005. Mr. Salmon has been working in the area of precision manufacturing for over 20 years. As program manager at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, his focus was on precision mesoscale manufacturing and instrumentation for electron microscopes. Mr. Salmon is a respected expert, who has spoken on precision manufacturing to groups around the world. He has consulted for more than 50 organizations including government agencies, medical manufacturing companies, precision machine tool builders, and manufacturers of precision components.

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Eric Stach, Ph.D


Dr. Stach brings more than two decades of experience in developing innovative solutions for in-situ experiments in the TEM, with experience in both the National Laboratory (National Center for Electron Microscopy / Lawrence Berkeley National Lab & Center for Functional Nanomaterials / Brookhaven National Laboratory) and Academic environments (Purdue University, Stony Brook University ). His research interests focus on the development and application of electron microscopy techniques to solve materials problems in catalysis, energy storage, thin film and nanostructure growth and materials deformation. The development and application of new instrumentation has been a critical component of his research focus.

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Daan Hein Alsem, Ph.D


Dr. Alsem is the Director of Research and Engineering at Hummingbird Scientific. He has more than twelve year’s worth of research and development experience with in-situ and analytical transmission electron microscopy, electron microscopy centered experimentation, as well as with microscopy methods and hardware development. After acquiring his Ph. D. at UC Berkeley, he was at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s National Center of Electron Microscopy. Since 2010 he also holds an Affiliate Assistant Professor position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington.

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Thinkers & Makers


Hummingbird Scientific is defined by our insistence on providing the best instrumentation tools for in-situ microscopy. All of our team members are charged with bringing creativity, honesty, and intellectual rigor to their responsibilities in a never-ending quest to further our customers’ research. We have high expectations of each other and work as a team to build things we are all proud of. That mindset, along with our execution, has allowed Hummingbird Scientific to create revolutionary microscopy products and grow into the stable business it is today.


We are proud of our offices and workshops. Having started in a garage, our new digs are swanky. We have house pride and keep our spaces clean. In our open office environment every employee receives an ergonomic Aeron chair and solid wood desk. We use dual monitors, up to date workstation and headsets to complete our tech setup.


Hummingbird is located in the Olympia/Lacey area, surrounded by great forests, the Puget Sound and the Olympics and Mt. Rainier National Parks.


Hummingbird Scientific offers top-tier medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your dependents. We generously provide a match for employee retirement contributions and offer many other benefits.


Whoever told you there was no free lunch was wrong. Every Friday we serve a delicious BBQ lunch featuring seasonal and organic ingredients. Pantries are stocked with snacks and treats. We brew locally roasted coffee all day long.


The whole company gathers once a month to review company progress and to share our work with talks and demos.


Internships provide an opportunity for you to learn and grow, and for us to engage with new ideas. We are always interested in working with motivated, intelligent, and dedicated students and recent graduates. Learn more about it here: Internships

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    Get Your Start Here

    Hummingbird Scientific’s Internship program gives talented college students, recent graduates and high school students the opportunity to work to gather hands-on experience in their (prospective) field. Interns selected for this program will get to be a part of the vibrant Hummingbird Scientific community, helping them to develop early-career work experience in the fields of engineering, manufacturing or science. Over the years this program has been extremely successful and we are very proud that many of our alumni have gone on to pursue great careers.

    “I was fresh out of chemistry undergrad when I joined so this was my very first exposure to engineering… I always felt able to contribute my personal strengths and creativity… especially amidst the friendly work environment… I learned a ton about engineering, machining, TEM, and the inner workings of a company.”

    - Jennie, currently pursuing her Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering

    “Hummingbird provided a diverse and stimulating venue to launch my career as a new scientist. I was fortunate to broaden my skillset and develop scientific perspectives that are atypical in a chemist’s repertoire, including 3D-CAD, LabVIEW interfacing, and microfabrication”

    - Eli, currently pursuing his Ph.D in Chemistry

    “… I’ve been often asked how I learned to solder so cleanly, or where I learned CAD, or why I’m able to program so well, and my answer is always ‘Hummingbird.’”

    - Al, currently pursuing his Ph.D in Chemistry


    This has been our most successful and productive program. Typically our undergraduates have an interest in science and a desire to spend a year after graduation working to get practical hands on experience. You do not have to be and engineer or even want to be one, many of our most successful interns have had backgrounds in chemistry, but a general interest in engineering or science is important.
    Internships at Hummingbird Scientific are a great stepping stone before applying to graduate school. Our goal is to get important work done during the internship, give you hands on experience, and assuming you do a great job we are happy to provide you with a strong recommendation as you make your applications to the next step in your educational or other professional pursuits. These opportunities typically start in the summer and have up to a one year term.


    Summer internships are the perfect opportunity for you to explore potential career options, gain valuable job experience, or fulfill college requirements. Generally we have a specific project that you will work on with a mentor. These opportunities are confirmed in the spring and follow the summer break schedule that fits with your particular university or college.


    These internship positions are done in coordination with your institution for program credit. The project and scope of the project are determined along with you and your academic advisor. These opportunities are available year round. We prefer Co-Ops position for the fall and winter.


    From time to time we take high school student interested in a future work experience that relates to engineering, machining or science. These intern positions typically involve basic level work including cleaning and organization that support other staff members. Although the work is basic it is work experience that provides valuable insight into how an engineering company works and what engineers, machinists and scientists do and if this is future you might want to pursue

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    I-5 South from Seattle / Seatac Airport / Tacoma

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    5. Turn left onto SR-510 / Marvin Rd NE
    6. Turn right onto Hogum Bay Rd NE (Mayan Restaurant on right)
    7. Proceed on Hogum Bay Rd and turn right onto Willamette Drive NE
    8. Arrive at 2610 Willamette Drive. The main visitor entrance is on the North side of the building through Suite A.

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