In-situ crystallization of titania film in gas

Using Hummingbird Scientific Gas TEM holder and Gas Controller, researchers from Colorado School of Mines and National Renewal Energy Laboratory were able to demonstrate the crystallization behavior of amorphous titanium oxide thin films and understand the mechanism of metastable crystalline polymorph stabilization while annealing films deposited at various partial pressure of oxygen. The work reported in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, presents insights into the process of controlling microstructure upon observing at various higher energy metastable phases.

In-situ crystallization of TiO2 films deposited at various partial pressure of oxygen (pO2). At pO2 ~ 10 mTorr, there is a nucleation of Anatase nanocrystals. At pO2 ~ 2 mTorr film, there is a needle-like grain crystallization growing radially outward. Copyright © 2019 The American Ceramic Society, all rights reserved

Reference: John S. Mangum, Lauren M. Garten, David S. Ginley and Brian P. Gorman. “Utilizing TiO2 amorphous precursors for polymorph selection: An in situ TEM study of phase formation and kinetics,” Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019). DOI: 10.1111/jace.16965

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