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Hummingbird Scientific offers a sealed-cell liquid holder for static liquid applications. Once prepared, the sample is enclosed within a microfluidic liquid cell in the holder tip and separated from the vacuum of the TEM via a patented sealing mechanism. This tip can be paired with Hummingbird Scientific’s wide range of liquid-cell chip configurations, each aimed at a specific set of experimental requirements.

The continuous-flow and dual-flow configurations both also support static-liquid experiments for researchers interested in maximizing experimental flexibility.


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(Above) A sequence of in-situ TEM images taken using Hummingbird Scientific’s liquid holder show the nucleation of CaCO3 on Au. Image at t = 0 shows initial gold electrode. By 38 seconds, CaCOnanoparticles have nucleated. By 120 seconds, the nuclei have coalesced and transformed into faceted CaCO3 with a typical calcite morphology.  Continued growth and coarsening ultimately result in a few dominant crystallites.

Reference: M.H. Nielsen, J.R.I. Lee, Q. Hu, T. Yong-Jin Han,and J.J. De Yoreo. “Structural evolution, formation pathways and energetic controls during template-directed nucleation of CaCO3.” Faraday Discuss. 159 (2012) pp. 105121. Abstract

Copyright © 2012, the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Static Cell Selected Publications

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