Liquid System Continuous Flow

Liquid Continuous Flow

Our liquid specimen holder’s unique liquid-cell assembly and safety features protect your microscope from contamination and damage. Interchangeable tips and user-replaceable tubing allow researchers to perform controlled and cross-contamination-free experiments and to easily upgrade the system to incorporate new capabilities.

Once the sample is prepared, the system seals it within a microfluidic liquid cell in the holder tip, which is separated from the vacuum of the TEM via a patented sealing mechanism.  The sample is then exposed to a continuous flow of liquid running through the environmental cell. Our two-chip fluid cell guarantees that once they are placed, samples remain within the viewing area.

We invite you to browse our full array of available configurations, each designed with an eye to experimental flexibility.

Featured Research

Biomedical & Biological Imaging

Continuous Flow TEM Liquid Holder Protein Images - Hummingbird Scientific
Images copyright © 2012, Elsevier.

Researchers at UC Davis and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used a continuous-flow in-situ liquid stage developed by Hummingbird Scientific to image individual proteins and macromolecular complexes in a fully hydrated environment without freezing or chemical fixation.

The researchers were able to capture images of both static (b, white arrow) and moving (b, white arrowhead) ferritin proteins with a spatial resolution better than 2nm. Based on the images, researchers were able to distinguish between the inner, iron-oxide core (~7.5nm diameter), and less-dense outer protein layer (c). Researchers also imaged nanolipoprotein discs (NLP’s) for the first time in a fully-hydrated and non-frozen state. These images indicate that NLP stacking (d, arrowhead) occurs in a buffered solution and is not solely an artifact of sample preparation processes, as previously thought. The researcher’s experiments demonstrate that individual proteins and macromolecules can be imaged at high resolution using in-situ liquid TEM.  They represent a vital first step towards developing new methods for imaging complex molecular interactions in real-time at nanometer-scales. Scale bars represent 20nm (a, b and d) and 10nm (c).

Reference: J.E. Evans, K.L. Jungjohannb, P.C.K. Wonga, P.-L. Chiua, G.H. Dutrowa, I. Arslanb, N.D. Browning , “Visualizing macromolecular complexes with in-situ liquid scanning transmission electron microscopy.” Micron 43:11 (2012) pp. 1085–1090. Abstract

Copyright © 2012, Elsevier.

Continuous Flow Selected Publications

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