Norman Salmon

In 2005, Norman Salmon co-founded Hummingbird Scientific along with Eric Stach.  In the years since, Mr. Salmon has led the company’s growth and development.

Mr. Salmon has been involved in precision manufacturing for over 15 years. As program manager at Lawrence Berkeley, he focused on precision mesoscale manufacturing and instrumentation for electron microscopes.  He has spoken about precision manufacturing to groups around the world and consulted for more than 50 organizations, including government agencies, medical manufacturing companies, precision machine tool builders, and manufacturers of precision components.

As a principal investigator at Hummingbird Scientific,Mr. Salmon has recieved more than $8 million of funding from the Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences, the U.S. Army, and the National Institute of Health. He is an active member of the American Society for Precision Engineering, Materials Research Society, and the Microscopy Society of America. Mr. Salmon earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology from Western Washington University.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

  1. In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Studies of Interfaces in Li-ion Batteries: Challenges and Opportunities. C.M. Wang, W. Xu, J. Liu, D. Choi, B.W. Arey, L.V. Saraf, J. Zhang, Z. Yang, S. Thevuthasan, D.R. Baer, and N. Salmon. Journal of Materials Research 25:8 (2010) pp. 1541–1547.
  2. FIB Milling of Frozen-hydrated Cells and Tissue for TEM Cryo-Tomography, M. Marko, C. Hsieh, N. J. Salmon, M. Rodriguez, J. Frank, C. Manella. Microsc. Microanal. 14:S2 (2008).
  3. Use of Focused Ion Beam Milling for Preparation of Frozen Hydrated Speciments for TEM Tomography, M. Marko, M. Scheeff, C.Hsiesh, M. Rodriquez, N. Salmon, J. Frank and C. Mannella. Microsc. Microanal. 13: S2 (2007).
  4. Viking XX – Western Washington University’s solar race car. J. Burke, N. Conrad, P. Dickerson, S. Jahns, D. Larson, W. Lingenfelter, E. Munn, N. Salmon, and G. Schmidt. Solar Cells 31 (1991).

Conference presentations:

  1. Characterizing the Performance of the FEI Titan Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope / Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope; E.A. Stach, S.M. Kim, D.N. Zakharov, Y. Zvinevich, F.H. Riberio, L. Miller, R. Colby; Purdue University; N.J. Salmon; Hummingbird Scientific; B. Kabius; Argonne National Laboratory. A-05 Transmission EM and Spectroscopy at or Near Realistic Conditions, Microscopy and Microanalysis (2010).
  2. Cryo-FIB Preparation for Cryo-TEM Tomography; M. Marko, C. Hsieh; Wadsworth Center; D. Vetter, N.J. Salmon; Hummingbird Scientific; C. Mannella; Wadsworth Center. A-03 FIB Science and Applications in Materials and Biology, Microscopy and Microanalysis (2010).
  3. Development of a high accuracy, large range and backlash free single-tilt/rotation (alpha-gamma) holder for precise alignment of TEM samples; N.J. Salmon, D. Vetter, E.A. Stach Microscopy and Microanalysis (2008).
  4. In-situ Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Studies of Interfaces in Advanced Li-ion Batteries under Dynamic Operation Conditions, C.M. Wang, Z.G. Yang, S. Thevuthasan, J. Liu, D.R. Baer, N.J Salmon, AVS Conference (2008).
  5. In-situ and Ex-situ TEM Microscopy and Spectroscopy Studies of Interfaces in Li-ion Battery Materials. Chongmin Wang, Gary Yang, S. Thevuthasan, J. Liu, D. R Baer, L. Saraf, Wu Xu, J. G Zhang, D. H Wang and N. Salmon; MRS Fall Meeting (2008), Boston MA.
  6. Metal Matrix Composite for Automotive Applications, Salmon, N., Cornie, J.A.: ISATA Conference on Advanced Materials for Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Florence, Italy (1996).
  7. Smart Thermal Skins for Automobiles, Hopkins, D., Salmon, N.: ISATA Conference on Supercars (Advanced Ultralight Hybrids), Aachen, Germany (1994).
  8. Advanced Parallel Hybrid Vehicle Design , Salmon, N., O’Hare, B.: SAE International Congress, Cobo Center, Detroit, MI (1993).

You can also learn more about his research interests and publications from his Google Scholar profile or by connecting to his LinkedIn page.