Characterization of cobalt in CoPt nanocatalysts in oxidation-reduction conditions.

Recently, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Stony Brook University, Harvard University, and Brookhaven National Laboratory conducted an in situ TEM study using Hummingbird Scientific’s Gas Cell TEM holder system to characterize Co2Pt3 nanoparticles supported on carbon. They studied the dynamical restructuring effects at the atomic scale of this catalysts during in-situ oxidation and reduction.

In-situ EELS data and complementary in-situ XAS data was collected during these reactions to characterize the catalyst restructuring effects. Copyright © 2021 American Chemical Society

The work presented here using the Gas Cell TEM holder shows a unique methodology to perform control monitoring of high-temperature corrosion processes and the ambient conditions.

Reference: Alexandre C. Foucher, Nicholas Marcella, Jennifer D. Lee, Daniel J. Rosen, Ryan Tappero, Christopher B. Murray, Anatoly I. Frenkel, and Eric A. Stach “Structural and Valence State Modification of Cobalt in CoPt Nanocatalysts in Redox Conditions” © 2021 American Chemical Society. Full Paper

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