NEW In-situ TEM Liquid Holder System

NEW In-situ TEM Liquid Holder System

Hummingbird Scientific’s first award winning in-situ TEM liquid holder allowed scientists to image samples in flowing or static liquids,down to at atomic resolution. it also enabled for the first time liquid electrochemistry in a flow cell.  Now there is a completely new holder with added features:
  • Four (4) contact Electrochemistry Tip
  • EDS/EDX/EELS compatible configuration
  • New, easier to use connections at the back of the holder for wiring and tubing
  • New multi-port design for liquid mixing
  • New liquid heating system option
  • Maintains modular tip design with user-replaceable liquid tubing
  • Available as complete electrochemistry solution package
This system is a complete, all-in-one solution, opening up exciting new in-situ TEM abilities.  Read More

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