Heater Chips

Using Hummingbird Scientific’s heater chips, researchers can control specimen temperatures in both gas and liquid environments.  When stacked together and compressed by o-rings, heater and spacer chips form a space of normal atmospheric conditions between the two chips, called an environmental cell.  Environmental cells allow researchers to image specimens in-situ without extensive sample preparation, which helps to limit sample preparation artifacts.  Research applications include:

  • Kinetics and growth of nano-structures, line nano-articles, and nano-wires
  • Reactions of biological structures in liquid environment
  • Corrosion processes

Hummingbird Scientific’s heater chips are self-sensing and provide live in-situ temperature measurements . For liquid-holder heater chips, researchers can adjust the temperature from room temperature to the boiling point of the liquid used (up to 200°C). Channel height varies depending on the spacer chip used.

Samples can be mounted using:

  • FIB cut sample manipulation
  • Drop-casting nanostructures
  • Direct-deposited local samples (i.e. FIB-deposited, hard-mask shadow deposition)

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