Electrochemistry Chips

Hummingbird Patterned ElectroChemistry Chips for flexible in-situ TEM research

Our electrochemical chips provide electrical contacts inside the environmental cell, creating a complete electrochemical lab inside the TEM.  Designed for flexibility, the chips are available in electrode materials such as platinum, gold, copper, carbon and nickle, and their electrical lead are available in several electrode patterns and materials.  Research applications include:

  • Full- or half-cell battery materials research
  • Electrochemical growth of nanostructures or nano-coatings
  • Electroplating
  • Electrical-driven corrosion experiments

When stacked together with a spacer chip and compressed by o-rings, electrochemical chips form a space of normal atmospheric conditions between the two chips, called an environmental cell.  Using these environmental cells, researchers can image specimens in-situ without extensive sample preparation, which helps to limit sample preparation artifacts. The liquid electrolyte can be pre-sealed in a closed cell configuration, or it can flow continuously through the channel in an open-cell configuration.  The chip’s compatible holder allows researchers to change the electrolyte during experiments and observe the influence of these changing environments on the sample.

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