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Illumination of 2D Molybdemum disulfide flakes in the optical-liquid-electrochemical TEM holder during chemical cycling during an in-situ TEM experiment and the resulting gas bubble formation from the 0.01 M H2SO4 solution.

The TEM video focuses on the formation of gas bubbles from the 0.01 M H2SO4 solution at the working electrode. With illumination, molybdenum disulfide catalyzes electrochemical water splitting. TEM imaging allows for the observation of where these bubbles form and travel and measurement of the size and shape of the gas bubbles which can provide insight as to how these photocatalysts may operate. 

Unpublished data provided by N. Glachman. N. Geller, A Shea, D Jariwala and Eric Stach at the University of Pennsylvania.