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Tracking micelle formation for drug delivery
Utkur Mirsaidov et al. from National University of Singapore have recently tracked the formation of ...Read More
In-situ generation of functional layer improves Mg batteries
In the article published in the journal ACS Applied Energy Materials, researchers led by Toyota has ...Read More
Fusion of gold nanoparticles in liquid
A collaborative research effort from Zhejiang University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory h...Read More
DNA architecture resolved using correlative microscopy
A team led by Sandia National Laboratory were able to resolve the interparticle distance of 3D DNA-d...Read More
In-situ Liquid TEM of reversible reshaping and splitting of nanoparticles
Researcher from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley and the National University of Si...Read More
Nanowire Dissolution in Liquid
A team led by Prof. Qing Chen Group at Peking University have studied the kinetics of InAs dissoluti...Read More
Hummingbird at the MRS Fall 2018 Meeting & Exhibit
Visit us at Booth#1017 DATES: November 25 - 30 , 2018 EXHIBIT HOURS: Tuesday, November 27 | 11...Read More
EM-Situ’18 Workshop
Hummingbird Scientific will be participating at the third annual EM-Situ workshop which will be he...Read More
Controlled temperature in liquid dictates shape of bimetallic nanoparticles
A team of researchers led by National University of Singapore (NUS) have used controlled heating mec...Read More
IMC19 Conference
Hummingbird Scientific is heading to IMC19! We will be at booth#56. Make sure to stop by and tal...Read More
Hummingbird receives Macres Award
Daan Hein Alsem, Director of Research at Hummingbird Scientific received the Macres Award from t...Read More
M&M 2018 Conference
Join us at M&M! Booth#605 The 2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference is held at the ...Read More