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Hummingbird receives Macres Award
Daan Hein Alsem, Director of Research at Hummingbird Scientific received the Macres Award from t...Read More
M&M 2018 Conference
Join us at M&M! Booth#605 The 2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference is held at the ...Read More
Microscope Dedication Symposium at Penn
  Hummingbird Scientific will be participating at the Microscope Dedication Symposium, h...Read More
Hummingbird at 233rd ECS Meeting
Hummingbird Scientific will be at the 233rd ECS Meeting to be held in Seattle, WA from 13-17 May...Read More
Hummingbird at the MRS Spring 2018 Meeting & Exhibit
Visit us at Booth 405 DATES: April 2 - April 6 , 2018 EXHIBIT HOURS: Tuesday, April 3 | 2:00 ...Read More
Self-assembly guided by shape and force
Scientists from the University of Singapore have used Hummingbird's Liquid Cell TEM imaging platform...Read More
Catalyst to enhance lithium-oxygen batteries
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tohoku University and CRES...Read More
Suppression of unwanted side reactions during electrochemical charge
Researchers from IBM, Princeton University, UCLA and UPenn have demonstrated that adding additives c...Read More
Dynamics of intercalation in graphite
Researchers from University of California, Los Angeles have used Hummingbird's TEM biasing holder ...Read More
Growing micelle in liquid
A team of researchers led by Northwestern University have successfully demonstrated the growth of mi...Read More
EDS mapping of Ag nanocrystal growth in liquid
Researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) have used Hummingbird Liquid Cell TEM platform...Read More
Hummingbird at the MRS Fall 2017 Meeting & Exhibit
Visit us at Booth 1017 DATES: November 28 - November 30 , 2017 EXHIBIT HOURS: Tuesday, Novembe...Read More