Congratulations to Dr. Chongmin Wang for JMR Paper of the Year Award for his review on liquid cell TEM

JMR30_03_coverDr. Chongmin Wang (Pacific Northwest National Lab) receives the Journal of Materials Research paper of the year award for “In situ transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy studies of rechargeable batteries under dynamic operating conditions: A retrospective and perspective view.” A longtime collaborator of Hummingbird Scientific Dr. Wang has used Hummingbird Scientific Electrical Biasing  and Liquid Electrochemistry  holders  to make his mark on the fields of Liquid-cell Electron microscopy.  This is emphasized by the another award that Dr. Wang received during the MRS Spring Meeting 2016 in Phoenix for “Innovation in Materials Characterization Award” for his contribution to the this field.  He shared this award with, among others, Dr. Frances Ross from IBM Watson.

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